Monday, April 16, 2012

Off-Season Update: Donald Driver

I hate the off-season.  A family member once said that they should play football year-round.  I doubt the players' bodies would hold up for that.  But as a fan, I would love it.

Help is on the way.  Within the next two weeks, the draft will take place, and the season schedule should be released.  Time to start getting ready in earnest for the season.

In the meantime, we have Donald Driver on Dancing With the Stars.  This morning on Good Morning America, they had a nice interview with Donald.  If you watch it to the end, you will learn that Donald is a much better receiver than defensive back.  Thanks to Cheesehead TV for posting the video: Donald Driver on GMA.

UPDATE: Donald and Peta danced the Argentine Tango this week (video at the link).  I liked their dance much better than the dances when I went to an Argentine Tango show.  It wasn't a close call, they survived for another week.

And now I see, courtesy of Cheesehead TV, that Donald and Peta are slight favorites to win the competition.


  1. Dick from ShawanoApril 25, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    Clifton and Collins were enviable. These guys can't last forever and because of the risks that some types of injuries carry with them, its better to walk away now and not end up rolling away from the game.

    Driver. I think he will work with the GBP to extend his career until he knows he can't contribute anymore ... which might last longer and be in different roles along the way than we would expect. I believe that Donald wants to retires as a GBP.

  2. I agree with you, to an extent. If the doctors really cleared Collins, then I don't like to see a misguided paternalism keep him from playing where he wants to play. If they "cleared" him with lots of caveats, winks and nods, etc., then that is a different deal. In Clifton's case, I think it was the advancing age, when combined with the injury history, that did him in. I hope you are right about Driver. He is not the contributor that he once was, but who would expect him to be at his age?